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The J Spotter » The Philippines in the Medium-Term: the benefits of private sector participation

The Philippines in the Medium-Term: the benefits of private sector participation

I submitted this comment in response to the N! News survey for the 7 October issue (published online on 8 October). The question was:

What do you think of the planning process/content of the [Medium Term Philippine Development Plan] MTPDP 2004-2010?

Note that the above link would only be valid up to the 22nd of the month, after which a new issue would be published. I'll write (in this blog) more about the MTPDP and what I think of our country's present and future situation.

My involvement with the formulation of the 2004-2010 MTPDP was mostly in the "Mobilizing Knowledge" theme, my being one of the Staff's resident techies. I noted that the participation of the private sector is prevalent in this particular theme, from the inter-agency/stakeholder discussions, to the responsibilities/accountabilities outlined in the strategic planning matrices (SPMs). The private sector is also involved with the other themes of the Plan, but perhaps it may be argued that there is a relatively higher need for their involvement in "Mobilizing Knowledge," in particular in the ICT-related sectors/activities. Due to the highly dynamic nature of the sector, it may be difficult for Government to catch up with and respond to the emerging trends without the help of the private sector. Hence, the thrusts of the Plan, and the intensive consultations done with representatives from the private sector, may be correct in providing for a better policy framework and advocacy that would ensure a better climate for firms to invest in infrastructure and human capital (that are quite essential in ICT and Knowledge Management). These private sector investments may be better able to fill in the gaps in government's resources in its activities in the sector, especially given the fiscal problems we are currently experiencing.

One comment about the process itself is that we seem to have have been working on a schedule that's too tight!
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