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The J Spotter » The Sassy Lawyer on the right against self-incrimination

The Sassy Lawyer on the right against self-incrimination

The Sassy Lawyer writes on the right against self-incrimination, with reference to General Carlos F. Garcia's infamous line "I’m sorry, your honor, I cannot answer your question. I would like to invoke my constitutional right against self-incrimination," (quoting the Manila Times).

The Philippine Daily Inquirer in its 19 October 2004 headline story, cites House Minority Leader Francis Escudero as stating in an exasperated manner that "You have claimed no less than probably 30 or 50 times your right against self-incrimination. For the record, sir, are you protecting your right against incrimination or the interests of others to be incriminated?" Garcia stammered with his reply: "Your Honor, I would like to make it clear that I am invoking my right against self-incrimination."

Personally, and knowing how corrupt Philippine institutions can be, I tend to agree with Congressman Escudero's speculation that Garcia is not only protecting himself, but most likely also others in the military who may be involved in corrupt practices of some sort.

An excerpt from the Sassy Lawyer's post:

Too often, we underestimate the power of public opinion. But in a country where traditional insitutions court favorable public opinion--by guile, wile, lies or genuine service--public opinion may be our most potent agent for social and political change without, of course, insinuating that any substantial change can happen overnight.


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