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The J Spotter » INQ7.net: Church group apologizes, says whiz kid story not true

INQ7.net: Church group apologizes, says whiz kid story not true

Farfetched story, after all? I'm wondering about the motives of the concerned individuals in bringing out this story: the mother, the Bread of Life pastor who came out with the ad, and even Faye, herself.


An excerpt:

Church group apologizes, says whiz kid story not true - INQ7.net:

FAYE'S brief fling with fame ended yesterday. And it ended with an apology no less from her church, which said her story of victory in Brisbane was not true.

Even earlier, the Department of Science and Technology also shot down her claim when the Inquirer began probing Faye's seemingly moving story.

Bread of Life said in a letter to the Inquirer yesterday that it had conducted an investigation into the matter and would issue a public apology soon.

"We have determined that the story is not true," it said in the letter issued in the name of Rev. Sharon Valencia, Associate Pastor of the BOLM.
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