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The J Spotter » Government's Statement on the Faye Story

Government's Statement on the Faye Story

Ms. Ruby Cristobal of the Department of Science and Technology sent me an email containing government's, in particular DOST's, statement of the "Faye" story. While I do not personally know Ms. Cristobal, I'd like to thank her for sending me this information. She attached this scanned document. She likewise included the text of the media release in his message (below).

(My apologies for earler addressing Ms. Cristobal as "Mr. Cristobal." I thought her first name was "Rudy." Must be my dyslexia acting up.)

I have yet to validate the authenticity of the memo, though. Today being a Friday, and Monday's being a declared national non-working holiday, and knowing how the bureaucracy works (being in the bureaucracy myself).asa pa ako.

Please email me for his contact details, for any inquiry.



12 November 2004

The story of Faye Nicole San Juan, a Grade 6 student of St. James College of Quezon City, has been recently the subject of discussions in the Internet, electronic mails, articles, opinion columns, TV and radio programs. As claimed in these reports, Faye won first place in the Intercontinental Science Quiz Net in Brisbane, Australia besting 56 students all over the world, and the Best Physics award which she received in Sydney, Australia. It was also told that she was among the Top Five winners in Mathematics for the Young Asians held in Indonesia.

We, at the Science Education Institute (SEI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), have been alerted to this issue prompting us to validate the claims of the girl and her mother, Ms. Ma. Catherine San Juan. This is in line with the agency’s mandate to support, nurture and recognize talents in science, mathematics and technology. The validation procedure is a process adopted to verify the awards received by individuals for competitions which are not coordinated by the Institute.

Unfortunately, the information we have gathered from various sources, including our professional counterpart in Australia, do not support the claims of Faye and her mother. We have likewise invited the young girl and Ms. San Juan through the principal of St. James College, Mr. Arnel B. Salgado, to present valid proofs of the girl’s awards. However, Ms. San Juan declined the invitation.

Although SEI-DOST would like to give Faye the recognition befitting an outstanding young achiever in science and mathematics, we are constrained by the fact that her story as presented in the media lacks merit in terms of valid proofs and the absence of any indication that the competitions cited truly exist.

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