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The J Spotter

Personal insights from the J Spot author J. Angelo Racoma
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The J Spotter » Misplaced Priorities and Looking Elsewhere for Inspiration

Misplaced Priorities and Looking Elsewhere for Inspiration

I posted this at COPA-NET (the e-group of the Council on Philippine Affairs/COPA), in response to posts about the 'Faye' and Jasmine Trias story entitled Misplaced Priorities can Mislead a Nation (a version of the full text can be read here). I've been reading around and, indeed, many seem to feel that the story is just a hoax. However, a member of COPA-NET (who posted a copy of the article) indicated that he shall attempt to seek more information on the identity of 'Faye,' in the aim of possibly referring the matter to the appropriate authorities so that they can confer honor on her for her efforts. -Angelo

I've been reading around the 'net and bloghopping, and I couldn't help but be a bit sceptical about the 'Faye' story, especially given the comments I've read speculating that it's just a hoax. Heck, I even posted a copy of Patricia Evangelista's article in her regular column on my blog, and got an Anonymous comment to the same effect (post on my blog here). It would be good if we could get our hands on information at least on the title of the contest she won in Australia (since it seems the persons involved had requested that their identities not be disclosed). Otherwise it may be best to take the 'Faye' story with a grain of salt at this point.

However, in the end, I do agree that the fact that a lot of Filipinos went ga-ga over the arrival of Jasmine Trias is indeed indicative of our misplaced priorities, or at least the escapist mentality many of us tend to go into in these troubling times. And of course, I acknowledge that public officials do have the propensity and ability to take advantage of their power and position. We do have a good number of unsung heroes who contribute a lot to our nation in their everyday undertakings, and it's quite disturbing that we choose to look elsewhere for inspiration.

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