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The J Spotter » Reaching Across the Lines: AdMU's Fr. Nebres addresses DLSU graduates

Reaching Across the Lines: AdMU's Fr. Nebres addresses DLSU graduates

... And so, my dear graduates, choose to join and to give hope. Choose to care and to hope.

In the midst of your intense pursuit of career and success, remember your inner circle and give time to your family, your friends, your God.

Believe in the miracle of the loaves and fishes -- the seemingly little that you offer can help feed a multitude.

And yes, it will come back to you a hundredfold. For the wonder of gifts from the heart is that, as with the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, they are not diminished, but grow in the giving.

These were the concluding lines of Fr. Ben Nebres' speech during the 9 October 2004 Commencement exercises of the De La Salle University, upon DLSU's conferring upon him the degree of Doctor of Science in Science Development, honoris causa. While there's nothing strange about priests being granted honorary degrees, this one is definitely something to think about. Fr. Nebres is the current president of the Ateneo de Manila University, DLSU's arch-rival.

I was emailed a copy of the speech by the Ateneo Alumni Affairs Office today (yes, I'm an Atenean, not a true-blue one, though, since I only attended High School at AdMU). So was EJ, my colleague and division-mate (katabi ko sa office cubicle: now here's a true-blue Atenean). Imagine our surprise as we read the introduction,

Please find below Fr. Nebres's address to the graduates at DLSU last October 9, 2004 on the occasion of his receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Science for work in science education. Fr. Nebres is the fourth Jesuit to receive an honorary doctorate from DLSU. The others were: Fr. Leo A. Cullum, S.J. in 1959, Fr. James J. Meany, S.J. in 1967 and Fr. Jose A Cruz, S.J. in 1984. Dr. Mary Racelis Hollnsteiner also received an honorary degree in 1976.

I reckon that quite a number of Ateneans and Lasallians, both, found this quite interesting. It's surely a good way to reach across the Eagles-Archers border, in contrast to the mostly hostile, confrontational, and/or competitive rivalry between the two schools. As stated in the blog Nate on the Net, " This One's For Ripley's: DLSU Confers Honorary Degree on ADMU President."

Click here for a copy of the speech.
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