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The J Spotter » More on 'Misplaced Priorities'

More on 'Misplaced Priorities'

A distinguished colleague of mine, Mr. Napoleon B. Imperial (nice name, huh?) did some research and found that the article was likewise published by the Bread of Life Ministries in its regular newsletter. Online version here: CROSSROAD77 website.

For Mr. Imperial, the legitimacy of Faye's existence and story has been established given that it was published by a reliable source, which is in this case a Christian organization (this he related to me in an email message). However, I still have my reservations. While Mr. Imperial considers the source to be reliable, it is not fool proof, more so with the fact that Faye's story had been circulating in the 'net for some time. Hence, pick up by the various print and online media may be skewed toward the reality presented by the original source of the story (i.e. whether it was fact or fabrication). And in this case, I don't think that the Bread of Life Ministries was the original source. The story (same text) has appeared numerous times in various media; click here for a google search on the text 'misplaced priorities mislead' and you'll see what I mean. And I also note that the contest in which Faye was supposed to have won, the "Intercontinental Science Quiz Net" in Australia does not have mention in any online publication, likewise an observation in her blog by an old contact of mine (way back in the good old BBSing days), Ms. Sacha Chua.
(Click here for Google search on the Quiz)

With the foregoing, though, I still hold fast to the opinion that the craze over the arrival of Ms. Jasmine Trias, an American Citizen, born in American soil, of Filipino ancestry, is indicative of misplaced priorities. We should not look elsewhere for inspiration. We have heroes in our midst, and we should recognize them.

Click here for a copy of the 'Misplaced Priorities' article as posted on CROSSROAD77.

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