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The J Spotter

Personal insights from the J Spot author J. Angelo Racoma
( this site has moved to http://jangelo.racoma.net )

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This is one of the newest services being offered by dotPH. It's basically a service by which individuals (Filipinos in particular) can avail themselves of their own "i.ph" domain name without the hassles of having to register for a regular domain name (such as the need to divulge one's identity). In short, the i.ph service offers "domains for individuals." In the past month, I had registered using jangelo.i.ph. I'm trying out the features, and if I like it, I'll be migrating this weblog to i.ph.

The service uses the BLOG:CMS Personal Content Management System by Radek Hulán, which is, according to dotPH president Mr. Joel Disini, one of the better blogging softwares (i.e. compared to Blogger). I do agree, since you'd have to be a techie to be able to fully harness Blogger's potentials. The barebones Blogger software is quite basic, and without third-party add-ons and some code/template tweaks, you'd end up with a blog that's quite limited.

One note, though: it's not free. dotPH charges a US$ 5.00 fee for three months or $15 a year for use of the i.ph domain name and service. But you do get a two-month free trial period to test the service(I'm halfway through this trial). Another thing: it's not as simple and straightforward to use as blogger. With some more patience, I'll get the hang of it.

Kudos to dotPH for the work put into i.ph.
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The;'right stuff' we love smart people they say there is only 6 degrees of separation between anyone in the world.Now the WWW. brings us even closer. Cheers,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

Posted by Blogger Danny Haszard on Thursday, January 06, 2005 5:46:00 AM  

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