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The J Spotter » Struck again

Struck again

Midnight yesterday, a cracker was able to access my site, delete my blog content, and put on his/her own entries:

I was able to have the site restored from backup by my very able dotPH colleagues Sherwin and Celina, who are among those responsible in maintaining the technical aspects of i.PH.

I thought all was in order until last midnight, I noticed strange things with my site. I was unable to access because of a database problem.

I was lucky to catch Sherwin still at the office this time (he usually works during the night and leaves at dawn), and had a chat with him. He said it looks my site was cracked again.

I changed my passwords after my site was restored. And this time, I made sure the password was more difficult to crack.

But I seem to be plagued by these attacks, albeit this time, no defacing was done.

I'm beginning to be exasperated, but I still manage to keep my cool. After all, what's there to lose? We can always revert my site from backup. That's how good the system is supposed to be. We once experienced a hard disc crash, and we were able to restore everything (yes, including ALL blogs, ALL databases, and ALL galleries, which amount to quite a large data set) in a matter of a few days. And we do backup everyday.

But what's annoying is the downtime. I surely can't post (that's why I'm posting here), and my readers surely can't access my site.

And for an online publisher, that surely sucks!

This morning I go to the office running a battle plan in my mind.

How do we combat these types of things?

To help all my blogger and security-conscious friends, I shall write some tips on better protecting your system once we get to fix my site.

We will manage to fix my blog. But I can foresee that it will seem like quite a long wait for me.
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