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The J Spotter » Closure on the "Email Hoax of the Year"?

Closure on the "Email Hoax of the Year"?

As follow-up to my previous post on Government's statement on the "Faye" story, Ms. Ruby Cristobal of SEI-DOST emailed me, last Friday evening, a follow-up message stating that they "decided not to have a press release on Faye's story anymore ... [the] statement says it all." Sorry for the late citation.

Bread of Life Ministries, the Christian organization that first published an account of Ms. Faye Nicole B. San Juan's supposed travails, issued an apology to the public. In fact, there are two, one written by Associate Pastor Sharon E. Valencia for the Higher Word Team (text here), and another by Associate Pastor, Reverend Rito Saquing, Jr., who had authored the original "Misplaced Priorities" article (text of apology here). They say that "Pastor Saquing has been placed under a censure program and spiritual retraining."

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, in its front page Sunday, 14 November, published an article on the confessions of the mother-and-daughter team of Ms. Cathy and Ms. Faye San Juan, entitled "We lied because no one loved us, says 'whiz' kid ma."

Ms. Patricia Evangelista writes blogger Cath in gratitude for having giving her the benefit of the doubt, and Ms. Cath responds.

Is there now finally closure to this issue?

In my mind, the "email hoax of the year," as what the "Faye" story was called by Observer, a commenter at Flyingroc's blog, will come down in history (my personal history, at least) as one of the simple proofs that you should not always believe what you read/hear/see in the news. A smart audience will not just take for granted what is presented to it. And in turn, a smart media would strive to do better in presenting to its audience the truth, unskewed, unbiased, unadulterated.

Thanks to the following sites for very insightful discussions on the matter. Personal limits were breached, indeed, but I hope everyone came out a better person, in the end.

The CA t, http://www.cathcath.com
ExpectoRANTS, http://restyo.blogspot.com
Flying Roc, http://flyingroc.org

Thanks also to those who left insightful (and lengthy) comments on the post that started it all, at least on my blog. Please continue to share your thoughts on the plights of our Filipino brethren working abroad for a better life for their loved ones, and those staying here, holding on.

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