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Dramatic Parable

Fr. Vicente Marasigan, SJ, a fellow COPA-NET E-Group member, posted this in response to an email I sent to the group:

[[Whether Faye's story is true or not, what's important for me is that the fact remains that many of our kababayans are starstruck. -- (Angelo)]]

I like to think that the Faye story is not a hoax intended to deceive but a dramatic parable intended to present a profile of Filipino culture as seen by its anonymous author and also by others including yourself. It is a “starstruck” cuture..

[[At least we have something to take our minds off politics, eh? -Angelo]]

Not quite. The story also contains a profile of politicians.

Here was my response:

In the last sentence of my previous post, I was referring to our 'starstruck' culture, and not to the article on Faye per se. My apologies for being ambiguous on this.

It's a sad reality that many of us would rather turn towards showbiz, in effect shying away from the realities and problems of life, political ones included. Consider the proliferation of showbiz-oriented talk and reality-based shows. It used to be that such shows were confined to Sunday afternoons. Now, we see showbiz oriented shows on TV on weekday mornings and weekend afternoons (yes, both Saturday and Sunday--i.e. "Morning Star," "Ek Channel," and "The Buzz" of ABS-CBN). The more popular primetime news shows also seem to have been contributing more airtime to showbiz news than in the past. We're being overloaded with showbiz news!

But when showbiz personalities get into politics (and what recent national or local election did not feature any showbiz figure?), then that would be a different story!

On the Faye 'parable,' as we would now put it, I guess we had been focusing too much on looking for the facts pertinent to Faye's identity. I do agree that what's important are the lessons that the story imparts upon us. Lessons such as humility (i.e. in the concerned person's preference not to be known), perseverance (walking
for miles in a strange distant land), and faith (choosing not to accept the 'help' from opportunitstic officials), among others, should be able to inspire those who read the account of Faye's experience. Faye represents the Filipino who goes through similar experiences in his or her everyday life, in the end coming out as a hero, or more appropriately, bayani, to our nation.

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.. " turn towards showbiz,in effect shying away from the realities and problems of life" ..

I don't think everyone has the gift of tackling our problems the way some people do. Turning towards showbiz is an escape from the harsh reality of life, specially the Filipino life.

If the people’s way of life improves then it allows people to find alternative ways of recreation, rather than sitting in front of a TV set. Travel is mostly high on the list of people that have higher and better income as what is going on in "communist" China now, then the outdoor activities, sporting events, going to a theater and musicals. This way of life is still far from reality to most Filipinos, the only traveling most Pinoys know is going to its country of work and back. Now that is a sad reality.

Showbiz is just an escapade. Let the people have it for it is one of the few stuff most Filipinos could still enjoy.

Posted by Blogger Guy Rendon on Thursday, November 04, 2004 8:15:00 AM  

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