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The J Spotter » POSTRSCRIPT by FDP: Faye is real

POSTRSCRIPT by FDP: Faye is real

Mr. Fedirico D. Pascual, in his POSTSCRIPT Op/Ed Column in the Philippine Star, writes on the existence of Faye..

Links to the article here (Philstar.com), and here (manilamail.com).

An excerpt:

Why use Faye to score political points vs gov’t?
POSTSCRIPT By Federico D. Pascual, Jr.
The Philippine Star 11/04/2004

ELUSIVE PASTOR: We made several calls to the Bread of Life Ministries, which took responsibility for the Faye writeup. We asked for Rev. Bong Saquing, associate pastor, who we presumed wrote the article because his name appeared under it, but he was reportedly too busy.

I said all I needed was five minutes, but he would still not take my call or return it. I asked the secretary to ask for me the question: “Is everything in that article true and factual and nothing was exaggerated?”

Coming back, the secretary told me Rev. Bong's answer was Yes. I said I wanted to hear that directly from him. But he would not take the call.


POLITICAL POINTS: It is important that we were able to establish that Faye is a real person. The TV appearances alone would have settled the point of her identity.

But the unusual details of the story are another matter. The question lingers in my mind: Is the account of her ordeal true, factual and not exaggerated, not embroidered?

I also want to know directly from Faye if she is aware of an apparent attempt to use her (1) to put down Jasmine Trias, and (2) score political points against the government.

By its title alone, the political angle to the writeup is obvious. It says: “Misplaced Priorities Can Mislead the Nation.” The text portrays the administration as uncaring and having skewed priorities.

The failure of Malacanang to invite Faye upon her return from Australia was highlighted. But in fairness, since the contest sponsors, her school and the others involved in the contest did not publicize the science quiz, it might be too much to expect Malacanang to know about Faye's achievement and to spread the welcome mat.

The tragedy is that POOR FAYE MAY NOT EVEN BE AWARE of the political points being made in her name -- or of the attempt to put down Jasmine Trias because of the attention the singer got when she came over.
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