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The J Spotter » Pat Evangelista: CRAZED--Fairy Tale Come True

Pat Evangelista: CRAZED--Fairy Tale Come True

Yesterday, I posted a link to a 4 November Op/Ed in the Philippine Star by Mr. Federico D. Pascual. I agree with his thought that the political angle of the writeup done by the Bread of Life Ministries was indeed what was most striking. While it was quite unfair for Malacañang to honor Ms. Jasmine Trias with an invitation to meet President Arroyo, it is likewise unfair to raise accusations that government had not done its part in giving Faye an appropriate welcome. In Mr. Pascual's words, "... in fairness, since the contest sponsors, her school and the others involved in the contest did not publicize the science quiz, it might be too much to expect Malacanang to know about Faye's achievement and to spread the welcome mat." Further, it is also quite inappropriate to use a child in raising political points.

Today, in her CRAZED column in the Philippine Star, Ms. Patricia Chanco Evangelista writes more on Faye. Recall that she had written about the young lady before, in reaction, perhaps, to the original "Misplaced Priorities" article that had been circulating in cyberspace. Yes, she does exist, indeed. After all the brouhaha over whether she is real or not, people who have now seen her in the flesh, do attest her existence.

Ms. Evangelista's article provides an account of Faye's experiences from latter's own point of view: in particular how she felt about her journey from daily reviews, to being a ridiculed in a regional contest, to her ingenuity during the Quiz Net in Australia, and finally to her prevailing as champion.

Now that the world knows about the travails and success of Ms. Faye Nicole B. San Juan, it would be only appropriate to grant her the hero's welcome she deserves.

Link to the article in Philstar.com here.
Cached link (on my server, since Philstar.com does not archive articles) here.

An excerpt:

Her name is Faye Nicole B. San Juan. She is 12-years-old, a quiet girl with serious eyes and a habit of furrowing her brow when deep in thought. She answers simply questions that people thrice her age would hesitate over. When the right question comes along, the mature mind gives way to the irrepressible child, and Faye bubbles over with giggles as an impish grin lights up her face and brightens her eyes.

Yes, she exists.


Faye said that to her, being a Filipino meant growing up in a country ridiculed and condemned all over the world. For her, being a Filipino is an everyday challenge to change that perception. She tells a story of how in Indonesia, during the earlier leg of the competition, she was so nervous that she failed to answer the first question in the quiz. She was booed – the only person to have ever been booed in the competition. She says it was because during that time, people had so little respect for Filipinos they felt they had the right to mock her that way. After that incident, she said "Ipapakita ko talaga sa kanila." And she showed them what a Filipino could do.


Faye’s story is not out there to ask for aid. Her mother would not have been compelled to come out with Faye’s full identity if it were not for the claims against her child. As Faye’s pastor said, her story was told to show Filipinos that one individual could do well, even one alone and unaided. The story was about hope, about Filipinos who can excel in spite of monumental odds.

Faye deserves the congratulations. Thanks to so many who believe, she is getting it now.
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She deserves the congratulations, yes. But a heroes' welcome?

What, an attempt to savour victory vicariously?

What would be more fitting, to my mind at least, is to give her incentives so that she can continue in what she's good at. And be better, in fact.

The hero's welcome will be forgotten as soon as the next "hero" is known. But a good scholarship and parallel support will last Faye her lifetime. WHo knows... maybe she can invent the gadget that will free us from Middle Eastern oil?

Posted by Blogger Sassy Lawyer on Friday, November 05, 2004 4:08:00 PM  

I am a third year high school student in the Philippines.
Faye does noy deserve any heroes welcome or a congratulatory message because she is a fake.
I go to school with her, and well Shes not realy what you would call bright. There was an inccident, actually there were two, she pretended to faint and have an asthama attack. Being a child who grew up suffering with asthama I would exactly now how it felt and how you would react. When you are having an asthama attack you would be desperate and drink anything you see, but her when she fainted she actually picked whos bottle to drink of.

Thats why all the third year students are always teasing her. She also said that the reason why she lied is because she was just super rich. She said that she owned her own airplane and she even had a porsche. So they tease her "hey can we get a ride?"
"palibre naman! mayaman ka naman diba?" meaning come on and treat us you're rich anyway right?
Sometimes she is just so pittiful but sometimes you cant stand but just hate her. She even says that shes dating these popular boys but actually they dont even like her one bit! To tell you the truth she could have made a fresh start here at our school. BUt no... she had to screw it up. And thats why her whole life is screwed!

Posted by Blogger classmate on Tuesday, December 04, 2007 7:54:00 PM  

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