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The J Spotter

Personal insights from the J Spot author J. Angelo Racoma
( this site has moved to http://jangelo.racoma.net )

The J Spotter » The J Spot Reborn

The J Spot Reborn

It's difficult to mix work and play, business and leisure, personal and professional lives.

Yes, in a way all lead double, or even multiple lives. For instance, there is Angelo the family man, Angelo the IT pro, Angelo the idealist, Angelo the artist.

And there is definitely Angelo the blogger.

It has come to the point that blogging on all aspects of my life got too big for a solitary site to handle. Hence I decided to divide the J Spot into various entities. In business parlance: I decided to diversify. In a warmonger's terms: divide and conquer.

And this leads to the rebirth of this blogspot. I will attempt to focus writings on the J Spot to tech matters. Given the wide readership there, it shall also serve as my central portal for important announcements, at least for now, while my other beings gain momentum.

So I hope to see you here. And I hope to see you often.

Let's make this as exciting a journey as we made it over at the J Spot.
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