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The J Spotter » Where do you live?

Where do you live?

Arriving home yesterday evening, I chanced upon a copy of The UP Villager, our neighborhoods quarterly newsletter (the village's officials must have went door-to-door distributing copies). But it dawned on me that while the stuff discussed there was supposed to be for the third quarter of 2005, information nowadays travels faster than the speed of thought. And I thought the village is better off having some sort of an online space where the community can converge.

Checking more about the village on Google, I came by this July 2004 article on the Manila Times, where Robert Basilio, Jr. described UP and the adjacent villages as not exactly an upscale environment. True, it's a haven for NGOs, activists, and poor, struggling artistes who need their alcohol trip. But sometimes you'd think that the real estate prices don't justify being branded the "coño" kids' nightmare. It's just so damn expensive here--even down to the rent for small, poorly-maintained apartments.

Better get to setting up an online space for the village. I see a little bout of community service at hand.
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