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The J Spotter » Message from Ms. Ruby Cristobal of DOST-SEI

Message from Ms. Ruby Cristobal of DOST-SEI

Ms. Ruby Cristobal of DOST's Science Education Institute, who had emailed me a copy of DOST-SEI's statement on the "Faye" story (as previously posted here), posted, in her blog, s&tmedia, a message to bloggers and other individuals who had been (and continue to be) active in discussing the "fairy tale," and who may have had a hand in exposing the truth about what was an inspirational story gone awry.

An excerpt:

I am writing to thank you guys for having the brains and the guts to question or simply write about issues like this one. We in the government recognize our shortcomings. We try our best to promote the achievements of the young, talented youth in science and technology. But we need the media, the private sector, the NGOs and people like you to help us. I have written a lot about these young kids and also about our brilliant scholars (like Jeffrey Hidalgo, a DOST scholar-graduate) but only a few publish such stories. I hope this 'never ending faye story' will change the mindset of the media people.
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'wish we could hear Patricia's side. We've heard all sides already, well including Pat's to Ca T but I am still hoping she'll issue her side too.

Posted by Blogger ting-aling on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 2:40:00 PM  


Let's wait for this Friday's issue of the weekly Young Star, where Ms. Evangelista's CRAZED column is published. AS per Ms. Evangelista's posted in Ca T's blog, she may be publishing a follow-up in her next column.

Posted by Blogger J. Angelo Racoma on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 3:05:00 PM  

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