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The J Spotter

Personal insights from the J Spot author J. Angelo Racoma
( this site has moved to http://jangelo.racoma.net )

The J Spotter » A challenge

A challenge

A couple of days ago, I embarked on a journey into the unknown. I mentioned I had reactivated this old blogger site even as I had been enjoying modestly good traffic on my main J Spot weblog (it gets about 100,000 page views per month now). And Google loves the J Spot. Imagine being positioned at number one for queries on "Filipino Economist," "Gloriagate," and a number of other keywords?

People may think I'm crazy for doing this--after all, would I rather post articles here, where maybe a fewer number of people can read my writings?

I'm thinking of this as an experiment in blogging. After all, it pays to take calculated risks. And no matter what happens, I learn in the process.

So are people reading this?

Judging from the stats, people do, indeed, read this site. Not as much as they read the J Spot, though.

But the challenge for me now is to write well enough here for people to keep coming back.
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