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The J Spotter » Idealism and Reality

Idealism and Reality

I sent an email to Ms. Patricia Evangelista expressing my support over all the brouhaha over the "Faye" story, especially since quite a number of comments were left on my weblog attacking her personally. Now this may be misconstrued as coddling the Philippine Star writer, but I would beg to disagree. Now that the "Faye" issue is more or less behind us now, lessons have to be learned from the mistakes made. We were all taken for a ride. And some of us willingly obliged--initially, at least.

She provided a response, along with an advance copy of her article. I read and re-read it, and what can I say? The young, indeed, are idealistic. I'm part of that "young" generation, too, but my idealism had been watered down by reality: a reality where poverty, suffering, and malice are prevalent. But I remain hopeful. I would rather be optimistic. I try to see the world with a hint of idealism. After all, being part of the younger generation, we are what our forebears had described as the hope of the future.

I will post a copy Ms. Evangelista's CRAZED article here once it's published online by Philstar.com.

An excerpt from her email:

i think those people are entitled to their own opinions. there were a lot who based their criticism on misrepresentations of my message. a few went to the extent of consciously taking my words out of context. i believe in the freedom of speech as much as the next person, but one of your posters clearly stated that to use that freedom entails responsibility. but hey, i publish my work in a medium that is very open to criticism. fair or not, i'm getting used to it :)

i take full responsibility for the column i wrote on faye. it was a mistake to rely on the words and documentations of faye and her church. i apologize to you and everyone else who were needlessly hurt, angered, or saddened by what i wrote. i hope that my words have not unjustly destroyed the cause that i (and so many) are fighting for: that of spotlighting filipino excellence.

An excerpt from my response, which actually comprised my thoughts upon reading her yet-for-publication article (as she had requested):

At that age (which was not quite that long ago--only five years ago or so), I was likewise idealistic. I wanted to change the world with my ideas. I wanted to make my mark. But times had changed. I learned that idealism may always be able to change the world. Time will ultimately bring about change, but not without those movers and shakers who are willing to keep on with their idealism until change is achieved, albeit quite slowly.

We can now all charge this incident to experience.
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