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The J Spotter » The passing of a military reformist

The passing of a military reformist

Former Armed Forces of the Philippines Captain Rene Jarque has died of cardiac arrest in Jakarta. He was 40 years old.

From this inq7.net story, Jarque was known for his exposés of malpractices in the Philippine military since the time he was in active duty to his stint as a civilian member of a Department of National Defense committee. And he continued to share his expertise in military and defense management up to the time of his death.

A quote from the article:
Last July, he wrote an analysis titled, “What’s Wrong with the Armed Forces?” where he pointed out that generals who were indebted to President Macapagal-Arroyo for their positions had much to lose should she be ousted. “The higher you go up in rank, the more compromises you have to make, the more you become involved in unethical conduct and corrupted by the system,” he said.

From Inside PCIJ:

Even in retirement and already working overseas, Jarque indefatigably pursued his dream of a reformed armed forces by joining cause-oriented groups pushing for good governance. He also published incisive analyses on the military.

We mourn the loss of an idealist and an exemplary citizen.
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