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The J Spotter

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The J Spotter » Gizmodo : Retro Phones at Retrofone

Gizmodo : Retro Phones at Retrofone

The Nokia 8110

Old phones are back! Well, in our country of 24% mobile phone penetration rate (as cited in my immediately preceding post), I guess most of these are what can be considered retro phones, anyway, with the proliferation of refurbished and/or reconstructed phones, especially in mobile phone stalls such as those in Greenhills. And I wouldn't mind using a 'retro' phone myself, as I had once used the classic Ericsson T20s as my primary phone, even when at that time that particular model had been outdated for more than a year (I used my hi-tech phone as a backup, then!).

An excerpt:

Gizmodo : Retro Phones at Retrofone

Retrofone does precisely that [selling out-of-date phones -JABR], selling phones to businesses and individuals who for whatever reason aren't interested in all the whiz-bangery of Bluetooth, cameras, and color displays, like this Nokia 8110. Retrofone stocks phones from a variety of manufacturers including both Sony and Ericsson. If you like to be on the cutting-edge of 1999, you'll feel right at home.
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